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A guide to van theft prevention | Van security tips

According to the RAC, "van theft is on the rise in the UK with 30 vans stolen every day on average." With this alarming figure, how can you keep your livelihood and van secure? We have the perfect guide to van theft prevention that will give you some advice on how to keep your van secure.

At CAN-phantom we want to provide you with the best security tips to ensure your vehicle is as secure as possible. There has been a surge in vehicle theft over recent years, especially with motorhomes and vans and we want to provide you with the best solutions to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Keep your vehicle's doors locked

Although this is one of the basics, we have all been guilty of doing this from time to time. Wherever your van may be parked, you are leaving your van open to thieves and leaving your tools and expensive equipment inside vulnerable to theft.

Be careful advertising what is inside your van

Advertising what is inside your van on the outside of it may give potential thieves an idea of what is inside, leaving your cargo vulnerable.

Remove your vans vehicles

Although this is another simple security tip, we have all done it. After finishing a long day at work or a long day of travelling in your motorhome, it is the last thing on our minds. Although it is easier said than done, by removing valuables in your van including your tools, you are deterring thieves.

Park your van in a secure location

We know not everybody has an accessible driveway to park their vehicle on at night but even if you don't have a suitable drive to park your van on, these are some tips on where to park to leave your van as secure as possible.

Park in a well lit place if you can, preferably next to other vehicles in a busier area rather than on a quiet side road - thieves are less likely to steal a vehicle if they have a higher chance of being spotted.

Invest in van security

There are many additional security measures that you can put in place to keep your van as secure as possible.

Some of our recommendations are:

Steering wheel locks

This is ideal for any vehicle that requires additional security. They are quick and simple to install and act as a visual deterrent to any potential thief.

These can be taken off with the right tools but if the thief attempts to take the steering wheel lock off, it will require a lot of effort, time and noise.

CCTV cameras

Vehicle CCTV is a vital tool for fleets and vans that have many advantages, these are already commonly used in fleets and can protect you when driving and your vehicle when it's parked up.

Cameras have been known to act as a deterrent for potential thieves, as the ability to capture the crime on camera is something most thieves want to stay away from.


Although trackers won't prevent a theft, they can make it easier for you to retrieve your vehicle once a theft has taken place.

Thieves are getting smarter and organised thieves may use scanning equipment to find the tracker or disable them. However, you can install a back-up tracker which you can turn on remotely.


Another investment you could make to ensure a thief can not escape with your van is to install a vehicle immobiliser.

How can the CAN-phantom immobiliser prevent van theft?

The CAN-phantom prevents theft, as the device prevents the engine from starting until a unique PIN code has been entered. Even if thieves were to enter the vehicle, they still won’t be able to start the van's engine.

Our device offers complete discretion. Unlike a steering wheel lock, the CAN-phantom is not on display and therefore can’t easily be removed. The device is hidden within the wiring loom of a car, which makes the device securely hidden from thieves.

We are dedicated in our mission to offer a revolutionary security device which will put an end to car theft. The CAN-phantom vehicle immobiliser will prevent theft and keep your vehicle secure.

Secure your vehicle today and stay one step ahead of the thieves.


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