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How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024

How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024
How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024

How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024: A Looming Threat and How Aftermarket Immobilizers Like CAN Phantom Can Fight Back

The convenience of keyless entry systems, a hallmark of modern cars, comes with a hidden danger: keyless car theft. Also known as relay theft, this method exploits vulnerabilities in these systems to steal vehicles with surprising ease. This article delves into the dangers of keyless car thefts, explores the statistics behind this growing crime, and provides valuable tips to safeguard your vehicle, with a special focus on how aftermarket immobilizers like the CAN Phantom can be a powerful defense.

How Do Keyless Car Thefts Work & How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024

Unlike traditional car thefts that require breaking into the vehicle, relay theft involves a technological twist. Thieves use two devices: a relay amplifier and a relay transmitter. The amplifier picks up the faint signal emitted by your key fob, even if it's inside your home. This signal is then amplified and transmitted by the relay transmitter to a location near your car, essentially tricking the vehicle into thinking the key is present. This unlocks the doors and allows the thieves to start the engine using the car's push-to-start button.

The Scope of the Problem

The rise of keyless car thefts is a worrying trend. According to a study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a non-profit organization focused on preventing insurance fraud, thefts of vehicles equipped with keyless ignition systems increased by a staggering 170% in the US between 2017 and 2020. While specific model breakdowns aren't readily available, luxury and high-end car brands seem to be prime targets due to the wider adoption of keyless entry systems in these vehicles.

The Dangers of Keyless Car Thefts & How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024

Beyond the financial loss of a stolen car, keyless car thefts pose several dangers:

  • Increased Vulnerability: These thefts can happen anywhere, even in supposedly secure locations like driveways or garages, as long as the key fob is within range.

  • Fueling Organized Crime: The ease of relay theft makes it attractive to organized crime rings, leading to a rise in stolen car trafficking.

  • Potential for Violence: If confronted during the theft, victims might be subjected to violence.

Protecting Yourself from Keyless Car Theft

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risk, alongside the ever-evolving technology of car security systems:

  • Signal Blocking Faraday Cage: Invest in a faraday cage, a metal box that blocks the key fob's signal when stored inside.

  • Steering Wheel Lock: While not a foolproof solution, a visible steering wheel lock can deter potential thieves.

  • Aftermarket Security System with Immobilization: Consider installing an aftermarket security system with additional immobilization features. Here's where a product like the CAN Phantom comes in.

The CAN Phantom Advantage

The CAN Phantom is an aftermarket immobilizer designed specifically to combat keyless car theft. It works by integrating seamlessly with your car's Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system. This allows for a hidden installation that doesn't tamper with your vehicle's original wiring. Here's how the CAN Phantom provides an extra layer of security: How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024

  • Unique PIN Code: Unlike traditional key fobs or RFID tags, the CAN Phantom requires a personalized PIN code to start the engine. This adds an extra hurdle for thieves who may have gained access to your car. NO PIN - NO START!

  • Relay Attack Prevention: The CAN Phantom is specifically designed to counter relay attack methods used by thieves.

  • Wide Vehicle Compatibility: The CAN Phantom can be retrofitted to a wide range of vehicles, including modern cars with advanced CAN bus systems.

Additional Security Tips & How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024

  • Park Strategically: Park your car in a well-lit area with CCTV cameras, if possible.

  • Consult Your Manufacturer: Check with your car manufacturer to see if there are software updates or security patches available for your keyless entry system.

  • Awareness is Key: Be mindful of where you leave your key fob and remain vigilant, especially in high-risk areas.


Keyless car thefts are a serious threat to car owners. By understanding the methods thieves employ and taking proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Traditional methods like faraday cages and steering wheel locks can offer a layer of defense, but for enhanced security, consider investing in an aftermarket immobilizer like the CAN Phantom. Remember, a multi-layered approach to security is your best defense against this growing crime.

How to Avoid Keyless Car Thefts in 2024? - Remember - With or without your keys taken, The CAN-PHANTOM will keep your vehicle secure! No Pin - No Start!

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