Installer's spotlight: Harley Autos | Northern Ireland

Meet the installers that are the face of CAN-phantom; learn more about who they are, their ethos and what makes them an integral part of CAN-phantom.

We know your vehicle is cherished. In addition to taking you from A to B securely and in style, it's your pride and joy - something you're proud to show whether you're driving or it's parked in your driveway. Not only do we understand this but so do our installers, as they put your vehicle's security at the forefront of their work.

At CAN-phantom, our installers are an integral part of who we are. We are pleased to have our installers onboard and would not be who we are without them.

Our installer's spotlight for this week is Hartley autos, our Northern Ireland distributor and installer. Peter is an integral part of CAN-phantom as they are the face of CAN-phantom to new Northern Ireland installers and local customers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Peter and how you got in to this line of work?

"My name is Peter Hartley, owner of Hartley Autos. I've been in the automotive trade now for around 25 years. I started out in a small place that sold car audio and alarm systems (cobra alarms). From there I joined Vauxhall and stayed there for 15 years and became one of the top Vauxhall techs in the UK. After that, I started my own business." "I got into this trade because of my interest in car electronics and I spent my younger years teaching myself how to decode car radios and more."

Do you have any memories of your first car?

"My first car was a Renault 9. Great little car it was too."

What do you specialise in?

"At Hartley Autos we specialise in all general brands: Vauxhall / Saab / Opel / Chevrolet, etc.

I have genuine dealer tools and access to dealer coding. I also offer tuning / remapping services along with ECU repair and cloning.

We can offer other garages these tuning services if they become an authorised tuning agent for Hartley Autos."

If you could purchase your dream car, what would it be?

"If I ever have the chance to purchase my dream car it would an AMG C63 Mercedes. I love the sound of them."

If you're in Northern Ireland and have any vehicle security needs, Hartley Autos is our approved CAN-phantom installer for that area. They are based near Dublin and have years worth of experience in the automotive industry.

Peter Hartley: Hartley Autos

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