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The rise of the CAN-phantom

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The CAN-phantom is a vehicle immobiliser that is revolutionising vehicle security. In this article, you will learn more about the CAN-phantom and why this device will transform the automotive security industry.

A vehicle immobiliser that prevents the engine from starting until a personal PIN has been entered could help put an end to car theft.

Our product is ever-expanding, as we are fitting our security device into different makes and models of cars daily. It is an exciting time here at CAN-PHANTOM LIMITED and we are proud to be bringing our vehicle immobiliser to the automotive security market, as we know our product will ensure your vehicle remains secure.

Our immobiliser was developed in-house by our own engineering team, in Stafford, and manufactured in Wales.

What makes the CAN-phantom the best anti-theft security?

Undetectable by thieves.

The CAN-phantom is undetectable by thieves. Hidden in your vehicles wiring loom and disguised as an automotive part, the device remains hidden, living up to its phantom name.

Unique, personal PIN codes that can be easily changed by the user.

As the vehicle owner, you enter a personal PIN that is unique to you. The PIN you select can be as simple or as complex as you choose and once the vehicle has recognised your PIN code.

The PIN can be easily changed if you enter maintenance mode via your smartphone or device.

No radio frequency signals/Bluetooth.

Radio frequency signals can be used to detect and overcome security systems. Knowing this, we were determined to make our device one step ahead of thieves. Potentially a thief can trace Bluetooth and WiFi signals and use this to find and possibly attack the immobiliser.

The CAN-phantom's WiFi will only turn on when you are in Maintenance Mode. This is a mode that you choose when to activate. By doing this, we have eliminated any potential of thieves being able to track and trace your vehicles immobiliser.

Mobile interface in maintenance mode.

Our mobile interface means that you can change the settings of your CAN-phantom simply. When the CAN-phantom is in Maintenance mode it enables the WiFi interface which you can connect to via your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Upon connecting to the WiFi, your device will automatically redirect you to the web interface. From this page, you can place your device in Valet mode, change your PIN, test your PIN or change your WiFi password. Starting your vehicle exits Maintenance mode and disables the WiFi interface.

Valet mode

What happens if your car needs a service, but you don’t want to give anyone your unique PIN code? This is where the CAN-phantom's Valet mode comes in useful. When activating Valet mode, you can choose how long you want to deactivate your PIN for, you can also set a maximum speed. If your vehicle goes above this speed, your CAN-phantom will automatically re-active itself so the next time the car’s engine stops, whoever is driving the vehicle will have to re-enter the PIN before the engine will start.

Fit our vehicle immobiliser, keep your car safe from thieves. This is what we aim to achieve at CAN-phantom Limited and this is why we believe we will revolutionise the automotive security market.


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