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  • Does the CAN-phantom come with a warranty and aftercare?
    CAN-phantom is warranted for a period of twelve months from the documented date of installation. In the event of failure, the product will be repaired or replaced within this period.
  • What if I forget my PIN?
    If you have forgotten your PIN, you will have an emergency PIN on your CAN-phantom card. This will have been given to you by the installer. Scratch the panel next to 'emergency PIN' to reveal it. Note: If you have changed your WiFi password, it will be reset to the one on the card.
  • What if my car needs a service and I don't want to give them my PIN?
    To do this, put the CAN-phantom in 'Valet Mode'. Once you are on the 'Valet Mode' screen, you can select the duration you wish for your vehicle to remain in this setting. You can also set a speed-limit, if the car exceeds this Valet Mode will be switched off.
  • Does the CAN-phantom affect my start/stop system?
    The CAN-phantom does not interfere with the start/stop system.
  • What happens if I stall my car?
    The CAN-phantom allows a fifteen second interval once the engine has stopped for you to restart your engine again. This ensures that if you stall, you will have the required time to restart your engine without having to re-enter the PIN.
  • How do I become an installer?
    If you want to become an installer, please fill out our enquiry form on the 'installers' page. Or contact us via phone.
  • What if I change my WiFi password and forget it?
    Using the emergency PIN will reset your WiFi password to the one shown on the CAN-phantom card you are given after installation.
  • What do I do if my PIN doesn't work?
    Although this varies on different makes and models of vehicles, on most cars you must wait a few seconds after turning on the ignition before entering in your PIN.
  • What do I do if I have mistyped my PIN?
    If you have mistyped the PIN, you must wait five seconds before trying again.

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