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What's the best aftermarket immobiliser OF 2023 / 2024?

What's the best aftermarket immobiliser

So, the main question that everybody in the UK is asking at the moment is... what is the best aftermarket immobiliser for vehicles in the UK for 2023/24?

We have looked into tall aftermarket immobilisers and every pro & con they have. In short the Can-Phantom Aftermarket Immobiliser is, by far, the best car immobiliser in the UK!

Below we will state just a few Features benefits of our very own UK made Can Phantom Immobiliser. We don't really want to go down the route of discrediting other immobilisers as we do not believe we need to. Our Can Phantom Immobiliser sells it's self, it is quite clearly the best option available for absolute security & peace of mind. Whether you look at customer reviews, or simply weigh up the pros and cons of any aftermarket immobiliser that is available in the UK.

Here's just a few features for you...


Aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser system Simple WiFi user interface to access the immobiliser's settings Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK Settings where you can temporarily disable PIN Personalised disarm sequence that uses the vehicle's internal buttons and switches DESIGNED TO BE UNSEEN The CAN-PHANTOM is a small retrofit device which can be concealed within the wiring loom of a vehicle. The device has the appearance of an automotive part, giving the device the perfect camouflage. FRIENDLY WEB INTERFACE You can connect your phone to the CAN-PHANTOM to change the security system's settings as simply as possible. You can change your PIN, place your vehicle into Valet Mode and more from your mobile device. INSTALLERS ACROSS THE UK We have expert installers across the UK, ensuring you can keep your vehicle safe no matter where you're based. Our vehicle immobiliser can normally be fitted in under two hours. Our installers are approved and trained by us.

VALET MODE Booked your vehicle in for a service but don't want to disclose the PIN? Valet mode temporarily disables the immobiliser until your chosen duration has expired, or the vehicle goes over a specific chosen speed. UK BASED The CAN-PHANTOM is designed and developed by our in-house engineers at CAN-PHANTOM Limited and is manufactured in Wales. Our product was designed in-house and is continuously being maintained and further developed by our engineers. COMPETITIVE PRICE All our prices are competitive but vary depending on the individual business and their location. MAINTENANCE MODE Maintenance Mode allows you to alter the settings of the CAN-PHANTOM. These settings include enabling Valet Mode and changing your PIN and can be changed simply from your mobile device.

PROTECTS FROM KEYLESS THEFT With keyless theft on the rise, our security system prevents the engine from starting until a personally chosen PIN code has been entered. Protecting your vehicle from all types of theft, including keyless entry theft. WIFI SIGNAL The CAN-PHANTOM incorporates a Wi-Fi hotspot that only switches on in Maintenance Mode. This allows you to connect to the device from you phone in order to change your PIN, enter Valet mode, etc. The Wi-Fi is switched off when not in Maintenance Mode. Unlike some immobilisers, this ensures that no obvious radio-waves are emitted, to further hide your device from thieves.

What's the best aftermarket immobiliser

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