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How does the CAN-phantom compare to other immobilisers?

With vehicle theft on the rise, this has led to a rise in security products on the market. Which is only a good thing. However, with more security companies joining in the fight against vehicle theft, do you know the similarities and differences of those products?

You may be asking yourself the question of 'which product will protect my vehicle best?' And we are here to give you the general overview of what makes the CAN-phantom similar to other immobilisers and what makes it unique.

Similarities - The necessities of a CAN bus immobiliser

The CAN-phantom is a CAN bus immobiliser which requires a personalised disarm sequence to allow the user to start the engine.

Our immobiliser and other immobilisers both feature a Valet Mode and Maintenance Mode.

Valet Mode offers you peace of mind when leaving your vehicle with someone else, whether that be for a service or leaving your car with a valet, as you don't have to tell anyone your vehicle's personal code.

Maintenance Mode is necessary when you want to change your immobiliser's disarm code, this mode also allows you to enter Valet Mode, test your code and change the device's WiFi password.

Differences - This is what makes the CAN-phantom unique

The CAN-phantom has a user friendly web interface where users can easily change their disarm sequence, put the vehicle into Valet Mode, change their WiFi password and test their sequence. Other immobilisers may have Valet Mode and Maintenance Mode, however, our immobiliser allows you to access and change these settings easier through the use of your phone.

The CAN-phantom has its own WiFi signal that only emits when the vehicle is in Maintenance Mode. This allows you to connect the device to your phone. The signal then stops emitting once you have left Maintenance Mode, keeping your vehicle as secure as possible.

The immobiliser has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK which means we can control the whole making process. It also means our in-house engineers can easily update and upgrade the CAN-phantom and are continuously improving the product all of the time.

Quotes start from £349 as we want to offer you security that's affordable.

Learn more about the CAN-phantom at www.can-phantom/about.


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