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CAN-PHANTOM put on a successful seminar

CAN-PHANTOM Ltd brought 25 businesses to the Midlands in their first ever seminar that included, training the installers on how to scan a vehicle for the right installation files, how to market the product and how they are solving the vehicle security issue one vehicle at a time.

The event that was held over two days in early November which included visitors from all four corners of the UK, meaning that any vehicle that doesn’t have a specific file for the install, it now can be created within a quicker time scale, cutting down lead times on vehicles being protected by a considerable amount.

Reflecting on the two days, Managing Director, Steven Stone said: “CAN-PHANTOM is quickly becoming known as the go to immobiliser in the industry, and as with all things vehicle related, we can only create the correct files for so many different variations of each model per day. With specifications changing we need a network of installers that can scan these hence why we have covered the UK.”

“In addition, we have also included a marketing seminar that helps with social media posting, as well as video creation. We are always looking to develop our partners and assist their journey in making our product an easy install for them, we want the consumer to ask for our product rather than a generalise, and creating a community is the key element.”

To see where your nearest installer of the CAN-PHANTOM immobiliser is based, go to

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