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Do I Need an Aftermarket Immobiliser? Understanding Aftermarket Immobilisers: Exploring Options Including the CAN-PHANTOM

Understanding Aftermarket Immobilisers: Exploring Options Including the CAN-PHANTOM - Do I Need an Aftermarket Immobiliser?

Protecting your vehicle from theft is a top priority, and aftermarket immobilizers offer an additional layer of security beyond factory-installed systems. But with various options available, choosing the right one can be confusing. This guide explores different types of immobilizers, highlighting their features and limitations, with a brief look at the CAN-PHANTOM as an example.

Types of Aftermarket Immobilizers:Do I Need an Aftermarket Immobiliser?

  1. Keyless Entry Override: Disables keyless entry systems, requiring manual key entry and code input for engine start.

  2. CAN Bus Immobilizers: Integrate with a vehicle's Controller Area Network (CAN) for more complex security measures. (Example: CAN-PHANTOM)

  3. Relay Blockers: Interrupt specific circuits essential for engine ignition, preventing hotwiring.

  4. Biometric Systems: Utilize fingerprint or other biometric identification for vehicle access.

Key Considerations When Choosing:Do I Need an Aftermarket Immobiliser?

  • Compatibility: Ensure the immobilizer aligns with your vehicle's make, model, and features.

  • Security Features: Assess functionalities like code complexity, hidden installation,and tamper detection.

  • Installation: Consider professional installation costs and potential warranty implications.

  • Budget: Compare prices of different options and installation fees.

The CAN-PHANTOM: A Brief Overview

The CAN-PHANTOM is a CAN bus immobilizer known for its:

  • Hidden installation: Blends seamlessly with vehicle wiring, making it difficult for thieves to locate.

  • Unique PIN code: Requires entering a personalized code through factory buttons for engine start.

  • Relay attack protection: Defends against methods that bypass traditional ignition systems.

Remember: Consider the CAN-PHANTOM alongside other security measures like parking in well-lit areas and using visible deterrents. - Understanding Aftermarket Immobilisers in 2024.

Pros and Cons of CAN-PHANTOM (and similar CAN bus immobilizers): Do I Need an Aftermarket Immobiliser?


  • Advanced security measures

  • Stealthy installation

  • Potential insurance discounts


  • Higher cost compared to simpler options

  • Installation complexity might require professional assistance

  • Compatibility limitations based on vehicle type

Conclusion: Do I Need an Aftermarket Immobiliser?

Choosing the right immobilizer depends on your specific needs and budget. Carefully research different types, compare features, and consider professional advice before making a decision. Remember, a layered approach to vehicle security remains essential.

Understanding Aftermarket Immobilisers in 2024 -

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