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Fleet security

Did you know in 2020 40% of fleets had at least one of their vehicles stolen?

This staggering percentage is worrying for those whose livelihoods depend on their vehicles and can cost businesses thousands of pounds per year.

More worryingly figures show 65% of businesses have said that the total cost of theft exceeded £1000 a year with 48% of that figure saying the total cost exceeded £5000.

The CAN-phantom immobiliser is leading the way in vehicle security. We want to protect your business and ensure you will never be the victim of vehicle theft.

According to the RAC, "Van theft in the UK is increasing with 30 vans stolen everyday", you can read their article here. We understand that your van is your livelihood and keeping your van secure is a must.

To secure your fleet with our vehicle immobiliser, find your local installer today or contact us.

A fleet of vans that have been secured with the CAN-phantom vehicle immobiliser.
UKLI Transport fleet

For advice on how to keep your van secure, read our guide to van theft prevention post.


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