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Valet mode | CAN-phantom vehicle immobiliser

What if you have booked your car in for a service and you do not want to tell anyone your vehicle's PIN? Valet Mode was designed with this in mind, ensuring that when you take your vehicle in for a service or for Valet parking, your PIN still remains secure.

In this article, we will be discussing what Valet Mode is, its perks and how to use the Valet Mode on your CAN-phantom.

Valet Mode is a setting that you can access once you have entered the immobiliser's Maintenance Mode. Valet Mode allows you to temporarily disable the need to enter the pin for a chosen duration or specific speed limit.

How do I enter Valet Mode?

  1. Put the vehicle into Maintenance Mode and connect to the immobiliser's WiFi.

  2. Once redirected to the CAN-phantom's interface page, press "Enable Valet".

  3. Set the duration and speed of Valet Mode. Then press "OK" and you will return to the Maintenance Mode menu.

  4. Exit Maintenance Mode and start the engine.

What happens if the person driving exceeds the set speed limit?

If the driver exceeds the set speed limit whilst in Valet Mode, the vehicle will come out of Valet Mode and require a PIN code the next time the engine is turned on again.

For instance, if the driver travels at a speed of 40mph when you have set the speed limit to 30mph, next time the engine stops you will need to enter the PIN to start the engine.

Quick Valet Mode

Want to put your vehicle into Valet Mode quickly?

Each device comes with a unique Quick Valet Mode PIN.

  1. Enter your PIN as normal.

  2. Enter your quick valet mode PIN.

  3. You are now in Quick Valet Mode.

This setting disables the PIN for 24 hours or until the vehicle goes over 31mph.

Valet Mode was designed with your vehicle's security in mind. We are continuously striving to make the CAN-phantom as secure as possible and our device is continuously being updated to combat the rise in vehicle theft.

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