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5 security tips to keep your vehicle secure this winter

Did you know the risk of car theft rises 25% in Winter? Toward the end of this month, the clocks move back which will provide shorter days and longer nights. Thieves are working under the anonymity of dark evenings for longer and as consequence, the vehicle theft rate will rise.

Despite this, there are plenty of tips that can secure your vehicle to prevent your car from being stolen.

Our top Winter tips to deter thieves are:

Keeping your vehicle secure when at home

Stay near your car when de-icing

A vehicle with its engine running whilst the owner is nowhere to be seen is a thief's dream. It can be tempting to wait inside whilst de-icing your car, but did you know it is against the law to leave a vehicle unattended whilst the engines running on a public road?

If you have a driveway, you won't have to pay a £30 fine but you might become the victim of an opportunist crime.

Insurance companies will very rarely pay out on your loss if your keys are left inside of the vehicle, so put that cup of tea on hold until you turn the engine off and lock your car doors.

Set up motion sensor lights or cameras

If you don't have a garage, you might want to monitor your vehicles with this additional security coverage. Motion sensor lights will help catch any individual approaching your vehicle and CCTV is perfect for capturing them.

Fake CCTV cameras can also help when deterring thieves, as the presence of CCTV can be enough to ward off opportunist theft. However, if a theft does occur, you will not have captured the crime or perpetrator.

Invest in additional security

Despite following all of these tips, you won't always be able to deter car theft. There have been many recent advancements on vehicle security and additional aftermarket security that you can invest in.

Steering wheel locks

This is ideal for any vehicle that requires additional security. They are quick and simple to install and act as a visual deterrent to any potential thief. Although, these can be removed easily with the right tools - so it might be best to double up with other security products.


Although trackers won't prevent a theft, they can make it easier for you to retrieve your vehicle once a theft has taken place.


An aftermarket immobiliser can protect your vehicle from different types of theft, including keyless theft, key theft, key cloning and more. With the ever increasing rise of relay-theft, a vehicle immobiliser is the solution.

Keeping your vehicle secure when out and about

Use public transport when out for an evening

The Winter season is here which includes seasonal celebrations. Many will drive and leave their car overnight on a residential street or car park when visiting friends or family; this is a prime opportunity for thieves to scour rows of vehicles for valuables or to steal your car.

To avoid this, leave your car at home and take a taxi if you can.

If you can't take public transport, then our next tip is for you.

Park in well-lit, busy areas

We know not everyone has the security of a drive or garage. If you're going to leave your vehicle parked overnight, make sure it's somewhere that fails to provide a blanket of protection for prospective thieves. Thieves are less likely to steal your vehicle or your valuables from your car if there's more chance of them getting caught.

Park your car under street lights, next to other vehicles and near CCTV if you can.

These are just a few security tips that can help prevent car theft, it's important to stay vigilant with the long nights and invest in car security.

The CAN-phantom aftermarket immobiliser will protect your vehicle from theft. The device prevents the vehicles engine from starting until a unique PIN code has been entered, this will protect your vehicle from key cloning, hot wiring, key theft, relay theft and more.

Stay secure this winter, and lets put a stop to these ever increasing statistics.

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