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Car spotlight: The Rolls Royce Dawn

Here at CAN-phantom, our mission is to stop the rising surge of vehicle theft and to do this, we're continuously striving to increase our list of supported vehicles. This week, we had the pleasure of securing and now supporting the Rolls Royce Dawn.

Open-top driving like nothing before, the Rolls Royce Dawn embodies luxury and mastership craftsmanship.

"The drophead coupé is an ideal blend of luxurious sophistication and exhilarating freedom." - Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce Dawn is unmistakable with its captivating presence. With its striking appearance, Dawn has the distinctive charm that is evident in every Rolls Royce.

Dawn was created to appeal to the senses and with its 6.6l V12 twin-turbo engine, Dawn has enough power to awaken all of the senses. A captivating vehicle we had the pleasure of securing.

As luxury vehicles can be a sitting target for thieves, the owner of this grand Rolls Royce can now have the peace of mind knowing their vehicle is secure with the latest and most upcoming vehicle system; the CAN-phantom immobiliser

The CAN-phantom is the perfect security system for your car as it has been designed to be unseen, requires a personally chosen PIN code and guarantees protection against vehicle theft, including keyless entry.

We are pleased to say the CAN-phantom now supports Rolls Royce.

If you want to secure your car with the latest aftermarket car security, then book a CAN-phantom immobiliser installation with one of our approved installers today.


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