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The journey of CAN-phantom Limited

Welcome to the official CAN-phantom Limited blog.

When we started our journey over a year ago, we were determined to revolutionise the vehicle security market.

We have always been passionate about security and with previous knowledge in the security industry (with our tracking devices), we wanted to produce something that would ensure vehicle security. Knowing how important cars are to us, we wanted to create a product that would reassure vehicle users.

The CAN-phantom Limited vehicle immobiliser is just that, revolutionary and reassuring. Ensuring that your vehicles engine will not start until you enter your unique, personal PIN code which means thieves cannot steal your vehicle without knowing the unique PIN.

CAN-phantom Limited has been developed by our in-house engineering team in Stafford, and the product is manufactured in Wales. We feel it is important to create jobs in the UK, but it also means that we have control over the whole making process of our product. For the past year, we have seen our product grow and have been able to oversee the creation process of the device.

Our journey is not over, and we are excited about the future of CAN-phantom Limited. This year we will continue expanding and are ready for the opportunities ahead, we hope to gain more installers and work with them closely to expand our reach across the UK.

2021 is the year of the rising of CAN-phantom Limited.


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