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Car spotlight: VW Golf Mk 7

At CAN-phantom Limited, our aim is to secure as many vehicles as possible to end the rising surge in vehicle theft. Our car spotlight highlights certain Makes and Models we've installed on and showcases the hard-work our installers are doing across the United Kingdom.

This week we had the pleasure of securing the VW Golf Mk 7 and supporting another vehicle on our ever-growing list of vehicles supported by the CAN-phantom.

The Volkswagen Golf Mark 7
The Volkswagen Golf Mark 7
"The only mistake a Golf can really make is to stop being a Golf." Previous Volkswagen Group chairman

A quote we couldn't agree with more, especially with the seventh generation.

A Golf with subtle, yet superior changes from its predecessor. The most subtle of those changes being the VW's appearance, the seventh-generation model looks sleeker and sportier but could never be mistaken for anything other than a golf. With the classic, iconic look of the Golf, the question is, does it really need to change? The familiarity is what we love and as a previous Volkswagen Group Chairman pointed out, "the only mistake a Golf can really make is to stop being a Golf."

You won't struggle to get comfortable in the Mk 7 as it's wider and longer than before, giving occupants in the back slightly more head and legroom.

Although these subtle aesthetic changes don't vary much, it's enough to make a difference. The seventh-generation is an example of the Golf coming back bigger, lighter, faster and more comfortable than before. A perfect all-rounder that can't be beaten.

It's no wonder that the Golf is VW's most popular model ever and the third best selling vehicle of 2021 in the UK so far.

Now secure with the CAN-phantom vehicle immobiliser, the owner of this practical yet impressive car can have peace of mind knowing their vehicle is secure with the latest and most upcoming vehicle security system.

The CAN-phantom is the perfect security system for your car as it has been designed to be unseen, requires a personally chosen PIN code and guarantees protection against vehicle theft, including keyless entry.

Worryingly the Golf was the third most stolen car in the UK in 2020.

If you want to secure your car with the latest car security, then book a CAN-phantom immobiliser installation with one of our approved installers today.


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