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3 tips on how to secure your fleet

A study by Logistics UK has revealed that in 2020, more than one third of businesses had one of their vans stolen. Even more worrying, 30 vans are stolen everyday in the UK and a van break-in puts the average tradesperson out of work for 30 days.

Your vehicle is the life and soul of your business. With these statistics, it has never been a more important time for you to upgrade your vans security.

We have three tips on how you could secure your fleet to deter thieves and to end these increasing statistics.

Don't rely solely on a manufacturer's security

Without investing in additional vehicle security, your van is made an easier target for thieves. Manufacturer's security is mass-produced and can be easily bypassed by the average thief.

One of our most effective and simplest tips is to invest in additional security for your fleet.

Onsite fleet security

Unsurprisingly, most thefts take place during the evening when there's no one around. How can you keep your fleet secure during the later hours of the day, especially onsite when no one is around?

Leave your fleet secure in the evening by securing the area that they're in. If you're fortunate enough to have a gated area where you store your vans, make sure the gate is securely locked up at night to deter thieves.

Invest in CCTV and install a security light. CCTV is an incredibly powerful security tool to have installed: it will provide vital evidence if a theft occurs and it will also act as a deterrent. If you combine your CCTV with an alarm system, this will make it significantly easier to protect your fleet.

Offsite fleet security

Encourage your drivers to remove valuables from the van during evenings when the vehicle is parked.

If nothing of value can be seen from outside the van, potential thieves will be deterred. To increase the likelihood of deterring thieves, signage stating that there are no valuables left in the van will work too.

It can be difficult to know where vans are being parked overnight, especially with offsite fleets. Vehicle immobilisers will prevent thieves being able to drive away in your van as they can protect your vehicle from all kinds of theft, including key-theft, keyless entry theft and hot-wiring.

The CAN-phantom would prevent the van from starting until a unique PIN code was entered. When you can't control where your vans are parked, the CAN-phantom gives you peace of mind knowing your van is protected.


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