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5 tips on how to improve your car security

Leave your vehicle secure text is displayed over the top of a car parked by itself.

Did you know 74,769 vehicles were reported stolen in 2020? With harrowing statistics like these, it's never been a more important time to think about your vehicle's security and we have some simple tips to help.

Remove valuables from your car

It can be easy to forget, however if you leave expensive valuables on display in your vehicle it can attract thieves.

If you can't remove valuables from your car and you need to leave your vehicle parked, make sure to hide your valuables where thieves can't see them. This way you're not displaying any goods inside the vehicle. You can hide goods in your boot or make sure anything of value is covered and hidden.

Keep your car keys safe

Where do you leave your car keys in your home? Keeping your car keys safe is also vitally important when at home.

Keyless theft, also known as relay theft, works using short-range radio waves. The key will transmit a signal which is then picked up by the receiver in your car. This type of theft tricks your car into thinking that your keys are physically present. If your keys are left near the front-door and you keep your car parked outside near there, you're leaving your car vulnerable to this type of theft.

To prevent keyless theft, you can invest in a signal blocking pouch for your keys or an aftermarket immobiliser.

When out and about, keep your car keys secure by keeping a hold of them and try not to be tempted to leave the keys in the ignition whilst popping out of the vehicle quickly.

Park in well-lit, secure spaces

Don't have access to a drive or garage? Park in a well-lit space close to other vehicles. Thieves don't usually like a challenge, they want a quick and easy steal with as few witnesses as possible. If you park close to other vehicles and park somewhere well-lit, you'll deter thieves. Found somewhere to park close to CCTV? Even better.

If you are fortunate enough to have a drive, you can park your most valuable car in front of another car to stop thieves being able to drive away in it. If you have one keyless car and another that's not, you can always secure your keyless car by using this method too.

Lock your vehicle

Some car doors automatically lock and some don't but please don't rely on this. We know this usually goes without saying but you'd be surprised by how many people forget to lock their vehicle.

Invest in additional security

You might be thinking, "my vehicle already comes with security from the manufacturer, why would I need anything else?" That is because thieves are continuously learning how to bypass modern vehicle security, so it is always wise to invest in the newest security technology.

Some of our recommendations are:

Steering wheel locks

This is ideal for any vehicle that requires additional security. They are quick and simple to install and act as a visual deterrent to any potential thief.

These can be taken off with the right tools but if the thief attempts to take the steering wheel lock off, it will require a lot of effort, time and noise.

CCTV cameras

Unsurprisingly, most thefts take place during the evening when there's no one around. How can you keep your car secure during the later hours of the day, especially onsite when no one is around?

If you can, invest in CCTV and install a security light. CCTV is an incredibly powerful security tool to have installed: it will provide vital evidence if a theft occurs and it will also act as a deterrent. If you combine your CCTV with an alarm system, this will make it significantly easier to protect your fleet.

If you don't have access to a drive but you know there is CCTV close by, it may be wise to leave your vehicle parked close by.


Although trackers won't prevent a theft, they can make it easier for you to retrieve your vehicle once a theft has taken place.

Thieves are getting smarter and organised thieves may use scanning equipment to find the tracker or disable them. However, you can install a back-up tracker which you can turn on remotely to add that extra layer of security.


Another investment you could make to ensure a thief can not escape with your van is to install a vehicle immobiliser. An aftermarket immobiliser can protect your vehicle from different types of theft, including keyless-theft, which is worryingly on the rise.

How can the CAN-phantom immobiliser prevent van theft?

The CAN-phantom prevents a vehicle's engine from starting until a unique PIN code has been entered. Even if thieves were to enter the car, they wouldn't be able to start the engine.

Our device offers complete discretion. Unlike a steering wheel lock, the CAN-phantom is not on display and therefore can’t easily be removed. The device is hidden within the wiring loom of a car, which makes the device securely hidden from thieves.

We are dedicated in our mission to offer a revolutionary security device which will put an end to car theft. The CAN-phantom vehicle immobiliser will prevent theft and keep your vehicle secure.

Our immobiliser is designed and developed in-house by our team of technical engineers. To stay one step ahead of the thieves we are continuously upgrading our device.

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